Saturday, December 10, 2011

My BeautiControl Challenge

Hi Everyone, I have decided to start a blog so that I can share with you my BeautiContol findings. I have decided to become a BeautiControl consultant for a few different reasons. First, I want to be able to stay at home with my daughter while making enough money to help support my family. Second, the products are all natural and list 100% of their ingredients, which is not the case with other brands (only 75% are required by law). And lastly, I have enjoyed the products I have been using.

That being said, the reason behind this blog is so my clients can see the actual results of the BeautiControl products. I have enlisted the help of my mother, mother-in-law (MIL), sister, and hubby; together we are going to try as many products as we can and give you our findings.

My mother is in her early 50s and has normal aging spots and lines. She will be using the instant face lift line, which includes the microderm abrasion set and the tight, firm, and fill (TFF) face creme and eye creme. She will also be using her regular skin prescription, the instant manicure/extreme hand repair set. She will be trying other TFF items, the lip appeal, and various make-up products.

My MIL is in her late 40s and has rosacea. She will be using her skin prescription and various make up products (as many as possible). She currently uses Mac make-up because its is the only make-up that doesn't irritate her skin. 

My sister is in her early 20s, has mild acne, and some acne scaring. She will be using her skin prescription, the brown sugar line, the spa solutions and sculpt line, some make-up, the margarita collection, and some of the detox line (foot creme, bath soak, and masque.

Hubby is in his late 20s and will be using the skin strategies, the extreme blue line, and lip appeal (great for men and women). I am going to try and talk him into the pedicure line!

I am in my mid 20s and have fairly good skin. I rarely break out and I have never really used skin products regularly. I will be using what most use during spa parties- the busy woman’s facial which includes a green tea mask (warming mask), facial scrub, and foaming cleanser all together, I love it because it smells fantastic! Then the toner after. I am going to also be using the spa sugar line, the pedicure line, the firming body creme, the scar creme, the sugar and spice line (favorite smell), and the detox line (bath soak, masque, body creme, etc.) however I will not be using the detox foot creme because of the pedicure line. 

I am hoping to complete this challenge in 90 days. I will have pictures, before and after, and interview all the participants as we go. I hope you follow along.

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